Great Christmas Song

I always enjoy Mannheim at Christmas...for some reason I always start remembering me and you cooking together in the kitchen making our signature spaghetti. Always a special memory.


I always love jamming to this one. 


One of my all time favorites...always reminds me just how much I love this time of year. I hope you have an incredible Christmas.

Thoughts about Life

Life is I believe a gift and a curse. One thing we are always taught is that nothing lasts forever. Then we are taught that the only true thing to strive for in life is love. The problem with that kind of teaching is that if you are ever lucky enough to find love, you automatically know that it can't last. And then your life goes from the greatest gift you could have ever discovered to the worst curse or lesson you could ever endure. So I guess you are right about lessons making you stronger, but then you can't forget about that faith thing. You know, believing in something even when you can't see it. So I will continue with that word called hope. And I will hope that Love is still the greatest thing to strive for and that in the end it will prove all the teachings wrong and it does last forever. I Love ya Anna. I hope you enjoyed the christmas music, and I hope you have an incredible Christmas. Just in case I never said Thank You, let me say it now, Thank You for sharing time and space with me and for .....