Always missing You

Only Want The Best For You

I truly hope your life is bringing you happiness, because you deserve it,and I mean that. I am not doing this to interrupt your life, I just didn't want to leave without you knowing how I truly felt about you. If you remember me I was always chasing a dream, where I truly messed up was not realizing I had it. 


I am truly sorry I was not trying to take away your independance, because that was not at all what I wanted to do. From the time I met you all I could think about was creating an incredible life for you and me and our parents...What I should have been doing was trying to be a great husband to you. Well I guess it is evident that I didn't do that very well. I hope that if you are still in a relationship, that he treats you beyond good because you deserve the best. I wished I would have given you that and we were still together.

Final thoughts

Time is passing by now more quickly than I expected, and I really just wanted to tell you that I think of you everyday and I have ever since I lost you. I am sorry for not being a great guy and great husband. Just know this forever I Love You Anna and I knew it the first time we met. I know Jimmy didn't bring greatness into your life but he sure did mine and he thought he was for you also. I hope the music can better show you how I feel.


I am sure you remember my communication skills are not that good but I always loved music, so I hope this message gets thru to you and I truly hope it doesn't upset you. My intenion is that time is slipping by faster than I tought and I have been wanting to tell you this for so long. I know this may be an odd way but I have never been into normal.


I wished I could write music like this and I wish my voice would allow me to sing it to you but that would only result in making the dogs howl.


I would truly give up all that I have or had just for a little bit more time with you.

You Were the One Great Thing That Happened

Something I wrote years ago

Life seems to be about regret

Its about what you lose not what you get

Life continues to play out the song

Not about intentions or what you did right

But always hurt and what you did wrong

The Final Song

I can tell you for sure that life has been an experience that I have learned from. What I can't tell you is where I go from here. I will forever love you and want you back but I feel that train has already  left the station. So all I can do is be grateful that you are happy and pray that maybe I deserve one more great thing in this life. I will never forget. The songs are all intended to say how much I would love to be able to travel back in time and do it a heck of a lot better. I hope that maybe you have one good memory left.

Daily Song

I listen to this everyday and hope for one more great thing. But I know how life is, so I will remain grateful for the great thing that I had and hope...

Take Care of Yourself, and Never Forget.

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While watching this, I just kept thinking about us and Tn. (i did not spell it out because I always mispell and how much I miss both.